About Our Process

In addition to providing day to day operation and support of IT services, the OIT staff are also engaged in a number of projects to support the University and various business units.

Project requests are received on a daily basis. Each request is entered into our internal database. Each project is then reviewed by the appropriate level of management and scheduled based on resource availability and priority. Once a project has been scheduled, a project manager is assigned from within OIT. This project manager is responsible for coordinating, communicating, and reporting project status with the project sponsor.

Requesting assistance for departmental projects

Due to the number of projects in the queue, we strongly encourage departments to contact OIT as early as possible when a technology project or initiative has been determined. Ample time is needed to review the project, allocate resources, and determine the schedule.

To submit a new Project Request:

  1. Visit https://smu.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=5520
  2. Click Request a Project
  3. Enter as much information as you can in the project request form
  4. Click Save
  5. You will then see a window with multiple navigation buttons.  You will need to mark each section complete before the request is actually submitted for review.  You do not need to provide information in each section. However, please provide as much information as possible to help with the review/prioritization phase of the request.

Project Request sections

General-- this contains the basic information about the project
Goals-- Align the project with the University Strategic goals
Files- upload any files that may be pertinent to the project
Stakeholders- identify anyone that should be considered a stakeholder of the project and included in communications
Review and Submit-- once you are satisfied with the request, click Submit Request.

The request will then launch an approval workflow.  You will be able to view the status of your request from the Client Portal. You will also receive communication about the request once it has been reviewed.

What constitutes a project?

OIT designates any activity that requires 40 or more hours or involves multiple teams as a project.  If you are unsure if your request is a project or a simple service request, feel free to contact the Help Desk or email help@smu.edu. 

When should a project request be entered?

Departments are encouraged to submit a project request when assistance is needed from multiple IT departments to implement or upgrade technology.  Project Requests should not be entered however, if it is an enhancement request for my.SMU or Employee.SMU as a specialized request process is already in place.  Project requests are also not necessary for general consulting engagements or addressing individual computing issues that are typically handled through the IT Help Desk.



Project Requests and Information