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This is to account for all non-OIT related tasks, especially for staff transitioning into OIT.

Information on the various services provided by OIT is available on our public website at

PaperCut's core purpose is to track all printing in a network environment. It keeps detailed print logs for all user printing activity. This logging helps to understand printing at the level of interest, such as by user, printer, group, department, office or shared account.

This is a placeholder for all services supported by Academic Technology Team besides Canvas.

The category may be made more granular in the future as AT related services are clearly identified.

IT Governance at SMU wants your input. Please enter your technology needs below, and we will contact you for more details. The Request will be presented to the Governance council for approval and prioritization.

The Oracle Taleo Cloud Service enables enterprises and midsize businesses to recruit top performers with the right cloud talent skills, aligning them to key goals and performance while developing and compensating them appropriately.

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