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This is to account for all non-OIT related tasks, especially for staff transitioning into OIT.

ePerformance is a Web-deployed performance management solution that streamlines the appraisal aspect of the development business process, from goal planning and coaching to performance assessments and rewards.

Alma replaces Voyager

Information on the various services provided by OIT is available on our public website at www.smu.edu/oit

Form to request a project that meets Tier 3 be quickly activated.

GT eForms provides a powerful PeopleSoft-based framework and robust toolset for creating custom self-service applications and workflow-enabled electronic forms, where business analysts can configure and control the business process flow in setup tables, with minimal or no technical intervention.

Primo replaces Voyager

Grant Management System for ORGS (Office of Research and Graduate Studies)

Interfolio's ByCommittee module allows an interface to manage Faculty Promotion and Tenure.